Leasing & Tenant Retention service

What You Should Know

We recommend that our leasing services be used for properties following the initial lease-up period. we then work with the outside brokerage community as needed for filling vacancies, staying in close communication with the owner for lease negotiations. We prepare the leases to ensure that all administrative items are properly covered. Relocations, expansions and lease renewal (other than those currently in negotiations) with the existing tenants are handled by the Property Manager. We have found that this combination approach derives the maximum benefit behalf of the ownership to include:

  • Responsibility for coordinating leasing and management is fixed with one organization.
  • Tenants see community in their relationship with the ownership's representatives.
  • Free exchange of information on deals in progress and maximum cooperation between the leasing and management personnel is assured.
  • Smooth transition of responsibility of tenant improvements and administrative contacts is maintained.
  • No Loss of continuity occurs in the event of leasing agents is changed.