About WREM

Williams Real Estate Management, Inc


Williams Real Estate Management, Inc (WREM) was founded in 1997 by Audrey B. Williams, CSM, CPM  as a full service, independent real estate property management company. WREM separates itself from other management companies by focusing on assisting property owners with enhancing the value of their properties. This shift in focus from traditional care-taking by property managers emphasizes the importance and impact of professional management to the over-all investment team.

The depth of experience of WREM's team focuses in commercial properties. With personal involvement in well over 4 million square feet of industrial, office building, neighborhood, community and power shopping centers, there are very few leasing, positioning, maintenance, financing, administrative or tenant relation situations that have not been previously resolved.


The corporate objective is to provide exceptional quality real estate management services to owners of Southern California commercial properties in the 3,000 - 500,00 square foot range. Today's complex leases require accurate accounting and pass-through to tenants. WREM's accounting software, licensed by Sage/Timberline, Inc. has complete flexibility to be customized to a client's needs. All property management and lease administration functions are computerized and integrated with the accounting system, which assures the proper calculation of rent increases and tracking of lease options and expirations.


"LEADERSHIP is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

                                                                                                      Warren G. Bennis

We believe that values and ethics are critical to the successful operation of our business.  You can depend on these values when we manage your assets:

  • Respect for your time.
  • Respect for your tenants.
  • Complete and fair administration of your leases.
  • Timely and accurate reports
  • Use of only qualified, insured vendors.
Our Clients


Our clients are investors in real estate. Many are developers who choose to have the day-to-day operational details of their properties handled by professionals so they can focus on the development process. Some are family trusts, others are individuals investors. Our clients have learned that professional management doesn't cost, it PAYS.

Our Properties


We manage Commercial Properties from 3,000 to 500,00 square feet

  • Single Tenant Industrial Buildings
  • Lifestyle and Power Centers
  • Office Buildings, including Medical
  • Multi-tenant Industrial Parks
  • Business Condominiums and PUD's
  • Neighborhood Shopping Centers
  • Specialty Retail
  • Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties

We focus our efforts on enhancing the value of commercial real estate through proper lease administration and billing, tenant retention, preventative maintenance and market knowledge to keep rents at their proper levels.